Two Poems

Binary: an Excel Spread Sheet for the Estate Sale



We keep

four bibles,

three place settings of fine china,

five war photographs,

two tablecloths,

seven stories from the old country,

a single box of jewelry,

and a mink fur coat.


We keep

our bodies hidden

when the breathing tubes are removed.


We keep

our prayers

as close to the sound of her last words

as we are allowed.


We are forced

to throw

the rest





The Nurse Remembers Tony

His arms and legs are gently placed in coffins laced in velvet. The rest of him is warehoused in

the ICU like a modern art installation: vapor rising from the hole in what used to be his neck.


He never sleeps, but occasionally lowers his nose to touch a rosary.


Sometimes I brush against his face making coffee in the morning.


Dylan D. Debelis, a founding editor of  Pelorus Press  [] is a publisher, poet, performer, chaplain, and minister based out of New York City. A candidate for Unitarian Universalist Ministry, Dylan embodies his faith in praxis through his pastoral care and social justice activism. Dylan has been published in more than twenty Literary Magazines and Reviews including the Buddhist Poetry Review, Peaches Lit Magazine, and Carbon Culture Review. Dylan can be contacted for bookings or more information at or through



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