Two Poems


subway bustle
makes us
tired and hungry
makes us
want to hide
inside ourselves

the breeze of
moving machine
is like
the wind of
any coast
just as moist
and stifling
stirs like
moving breath

the noise of
mimicking the
chirp of
crickets and cicada
our notes
mixing in
the circuitries
of flesh
and steel

doors hiss
open and
puff closed
like a sigh
the sight of
life so demanding
I mirror it


these words have color

a string of seemingly infinite pixels. tint. tone. they tell you things you want to hear. think of someone you love laughing. see the color in their cheeks as the noise escapes. think of the way the light glints when you flick it on in the middle of the night. feel the sharpness of your eyes adjusting to color, the pressure that makes you squint. see the shades of pinks and browns in the person you love most. see the warmth mixing with their smile and the way their skin radiates life and meaning. you want to believe that these words spoke to you in the first place, and they did, but you were speaking with them. the way the color hits memory transforms it, re-projects emotion, inspires confabulation. now look at these words again. try to un-see color.



Tamara L. Panici is currently studying language in Novi Sad, Serbia. She has work in or forthcoming in Speculative66, Riggwelter, Vagabond City, Fjords Review, Flash Fiction Magazine, Abyss & Apex, Black Poppy Review, and Black Fox Literary Magazine. You can find her on Twitter @tlpanici.

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