The Repression Will Not Be Televised

When they cordon off our neighborhood and send police door to door searching for the terrorists, there will be no reporters following them like puppy dogs.

When they order you out on the street in your bathrobe without explaining why and enter your house without a warrant and search room to room with the barrel of an automatic weapon leading the way through each doorway, there will be no news cameras, no mini-cams, no go-pros, no i-phones recording the intrusion.

The repression will not be televised.

There will be no record made when they cuff you and hit you because you asked to see a warrant. Witnesses will be beaten as a matter of course.

When the helicopters bristling with armaments thrum down our streets and alleys, News Chopper 4 will not accompany them.

Mobile phone service will be stationary; Facebook will go faceless; YouTube will be no-tube; and the internet will become the disconnect.

The repression will not be televised.

Drums will be more secure than texting.

Long distance runners, all the marathoners and half-marathoners, will be the safest way to communicate over long distances. If taken, they will need to bite their tongues off to save their families.

Pirate radio will be triangulated at warp speed and smashed like rotten pumpkins on Halloween.

Manifestos will be written on paper and copied by hand. The person with a typewriter will be a hero, as will the owner of a working mimeograph.

The repression will not be televised.

Will not

Will not

Be televised


Michael Vander Does has been working at the edge between technology and art for several decades in technological, literary, and cross-disciplinary modes. Since 1986, he has written for and performed poetry and trombone with The Jazz Poetry Ensemble ( He has also been active in the community, presenting and promoting modern poetry, avant garde jazz, and civil rights. He is surrounded by a small garden that takes the place of a lawn and is modeled on his jazz.

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