Internet marketers use
spyware whose algorithms are
programmed to scan faces for
emotional reactions. A frown
means rejection.
A furrowed brow,

confusion. An upturned

mouth, joy.

This hidden program

sends Eve a photo of a fig
tree and
the facial recognition

spyware records two

Eve’s reaction informs the
advertisers to flood this
woman’s Inbox
with twenty stain-removal products
because her upturned mouth is
interpreted as a desire for a clean


Jean Colonomos began her career as a professional modern dancer. Her last engagement was with the Martha Graham Dance Company. She then became a dance journalist writing for publications such as Dance Magazine, The Village Voice and the Soho Weekly News. During her journalism career, she also wrote plays and poems. Her plays have been performed world-wide and her poems have been published in over fifty poetry journals. Her chapbook, ART FARM, about art and artists who’ve influenced her work, is available on


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