Early morning I
take the metro marked
with my destination: Κιφισσια.
Granola in a foppish plastic
sack rides along in
the purse
I bought here so long ago.
It’s stained with three countries worth
of dust beer filth
and tears.

She, half-aged, half-human
laden with Zara bags
sits right beside me
even though the whole train
is empty as me
in this place I
won’t belong.
My arm is warming.
She? Unmoved by her own
random act of blindness.

I write myself into
pages I bought to chronicle
whom I locate across latitudes.
The words are
impassioned by a jolting


Your rose orange like dusk
sprinkled in my eye
is thinning
between the book.
Someone will stop me in the corridor
when I drop it next week-
It looked important.

I suppose right then
I’d listen to Billy Joel
and he fills me
like I fill the metro

where I wear
myself like clothes
that don’t fit me anymore.

Arrogance is frightening.
Conversions are my deference–
Five kilometers I translated to you once.
I won’t laugh because
I just had to pause to rethink if
we both consider hours


She, half-aged, half-human
has left. Others enter (wait)
for the oracle of transportation.

“…Νεο Ιονια”

They wheeze
in out of blinking portals
knowing much,
knowing, knowing, knowing, knowing–
not knowing. That perhaps I may see
in their eyes a mirror
smiling with 5,000 years
of shattered fangs.

I keep looking looking
at the map and listen listen
for the dirge
of my time to come
and tell me that I can go back
to a place where I was three years ago–
pray God hasn’t contorted it
something so unrecognizable (as me).



Anna King Ivey is currently working on her PhD in poetry at Georgia State University. Recent publications are featured in: So to Speak, The Unrorean, Antithesis, Stone Highway Review, and West Trade literary magazines. Her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She has also been published academically in the Ellen Glasgow Journal of Southern Women Writers, Florida English, as well as in The Apalachee Review. She was offered a fellowship by the Summer Literary Seminars to attend a writing program in Lithuania in 2008 and 2013.


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