2016 Poetry Film Contest Winner and Finalists

2016 Poetry Film Winner

Saebom Kim

The artwork is an invitation, a compelling silent film that draws parallels with the haiku form. Using visual images as its vocabulary, this understated and powerful film demonstrates the power of simplicity in evoking emotion and plural meanings. ~ Zata

All miniature videos and texts are oriented in the form and structure of Japanese Haiku.
“Zwischenraum / Space in Between” HD 00:01:45. The two persons are in the same place, but we don´t know how close or far they are from each other.
“Geschlossener / Closed Rhapsody” HD 00:02:04. After closing stores a faint light remains inside but it is silent. Outside life sweeps past.
“Respektvoller Abschied / Respectful Farewell” HD 00:01:57. A creator invents two figures with plasticine. But the creator does not like them. And then the world is broken. In this broken world a new being is born.

SAEBOM KIM is a filmmaker, media & sound artist, writer and photographer. Born 1985 in Seoul, Korea, she studied film making and film sound at the Korea National University of Arts. During this time, she made several short fiction films and worked for film sound. In 2011 she moved to Berlin and studied Art and Media at Berlin University of the Arts where she has expanded her artworks in diverse and experimental ways. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

Five Finalists

“Accidentals (recalculated)”
Ian Gibbins

The work fuses mathematics with poetry and showcases the aesthetics of equations. ~ Zata

accidentals (recalculated), the probability that accidents do happen, if you slip and fall, fly too close to the sun, if your car runs off the road, if you cut your finger, miss a secret assignation, catch (or not) a slip of the tongue, when words fail, when all you have left is abstraction, operators, a lasting approximation, a mathematician’s code

IAN GIBBINS retired in 2014 after a career as an internationally recognized neuroscientist for 30 years and Professor of Anatomy for 20 of them at Flinders University, South Australia. He is a widely published poet in-print and on-line, working across diverse styles and media, including electronic music, video, performance, and public art installations. He has produced three collections of poetry: “Urban Biology” (2012); “The Microscope Project: How Things Work” (2014; with artists Catherine Truman and Deb Jones) and “Floribunda” (2015, with artist Judy Morris). Ian also has a significant role running the Adelaide Festival of Ideas.


“October Fourth”
Video making by Giacomo (Jack) Daverio
Poem and performance by Francesca Gironi
Music by Luca Losacco
Translation by Francesca Girono and Maria Cleary

A strong example of a dance-led poetry film incorporating sound design, visual layering and a voiceover poem about the self.~ Zata

Ironic dialogue between poetry and video art. Self escape becomes hyper presence.

FRANCESCA GIRONI  is an Italian dance artist, performer and poet. She has been active in the field of contemporary dance and performance both as a dancer and an independent choreographer since 2008. She has taken part in dance festivals, showcases for young choreographers, poetry festivals and artistic residencies all around Italy. She was a finalist in LIPS Italian championship of poetry slam 2015 and 2016. Her first poetry film was selected for screening in Doctor Clip Poetry Film Festival 2015. Her poem “Cuore” has been included in the Italian anthologies of spoken poetry SLAM.IT and Guida Liquida al poetry slam. She has a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and a Master in German from Dalhousie University, Halifax (Canada).
website: www.diadi.org
poetry blog: http://laterzapolaroid.tumblr.com

GIACOMO (JACK) DAVERIO is an Italian Film maker. After a degree in performance studies and new media from Urbino University, he started making artistic videos and specialized in time-lapse techniques. He worked with several artists, art institutions and contexts: from street art to cultural organizations (Massenzio Arte, Fondo Frasca’, Tecnologia Filosofica); from museum (Macro, Museo Del 900, Castello Di Rivoli, Palazzo Calicola di Spoleto) to art galleries (Terna, Fuxin Gallery, 999 Contemporary, Galo Art GAllery).
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/immonda

LUCA LOSACCO is a musician and composer. He composes electronic music for dance pieces and plays for young audience. He has worked with theatre companies and choreographers in several productions.


“Julia Child’s Legs”
Christy Sheffield Sanford

This language-led work was chosen for its unexpected tone of voice communicated through text-on-screen, and for its sound design and visual tracking. ~ Zata

Julia Child’s Legs is an animated prose poem from The Hem-nal, a multimedia collaborative project with Charlotte M. Porter. The overall theme is how time, place and culture circumscribe existence. Emphasis is placed on often neglected parts of women’s lives. A persistent question is how the public versus private space is determined.
Appearing throughout the various pieces are “birds” used for centuries in literature to send omens or personify human emotion and “tongues” used in the present work to symbolize exposing taboos or intimate thoughts. A skirt that moves and blows in the wind becomes a weighted image implying how much is revealed and how much freedom is enjoyed.
I am sometimes stitching up a scene, sometimes hoping to rip out a heart. I try to free the bird and save the sequins, no matter how chipped. I need glinting light to track the beasts, uncloak phantoms that render us mute and helpless. “Hems” are a metaphor for limits placed on unexplored territory.
Photoshop and I-Movie were the basic animation programs used. The music “Toasterbottle” by Dave Howes was found at the archive.org.

CHRISTY SHEFFIELD SANFORD lives three blocks from the majestic St. Johns River in northeast Florida.  Her mp4 “Awakening” is in Light Ekphrastic’s May issue as part of a collaboration with Margo Lemieux. Sanford won the recent Bacopa Literary Review cover contest, and her art was featured on the cover of Yellow Chair Issue 6 in March. Her long poem “Portrait of Yet Another Lady” is online at The Ekphrastic Review.  Sanford holds an M.A. in Creative Writing and Interarts from Antioch University and has won an NEA Fellowship in Poetry.  She is the author of seven small press books including The Cowrie Shell Piece (Baroque and Rococo Strains), Only the Nude Can Redeem the Landscape and The Hs: the Spasms of a Requiem.


“Whatever You Do, Don’t Move”
Imee Cuison

A concrete poetry film featuring considered typographic design, sound design and a main visual image all aligned with the creative concept and message.~ Zata

The photograph, ‘Old Vintage Wire Fan GE Rustic’ is from Matt Hobbs and is in the Public Domain Archive. The song, ‘Forest Awakening Part 1 (Interlude),’ is from Junkcore Jazz Quartet and is under a Creative Commons license.
IMEE CUISON is a Filipino American writer and software engineer based in Charleston, SC. She is also the creative executive for Intrinsic Value Films, an independent film production company. In her free time, she has late night pajama parties with her six month old daughter. Her work has appeared in literary journals and anthologies such as Fish Food Magazine, Tayo Literary Magazine, and Phatitude Literary Magazine.

“All of Us”
Pawel Granjert

A twenty-second metaphor about the human condition that piques both individual memory and the collective mind. ~ Zata

PAWEL GRAJNERT is a writer and filmmaker who works in the US and Europe.

Special Mention

“Playing With Strings”
An accomplished entry from 16 year old Peighton Tubre.

The director, cinematographer, and editor of this film is Peighton Tubre. Peighton is 16 years old and is a sophomore in Media Arts at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA). She is pursuing a career in film and directing.

Peighton collaborated with poet Lily Hauge who wrote the poem for this film. Lily is 16 years old and is a junior at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) Creative Writing department.

Another huge congratulations to our 2016 Poetry Film Winner and Finalists!

We would like to thank our contest judge Zata Banks of PoetryFilm as well as all those who entered the contest and allowed us to view so many wonderful films this year.

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