Essay: In Space, No One Cares About the Documentation


In Science Fiction circles, we readers are always awarding points to authors who manage to make reasonably accurate predictions. Being able to introduce prescient ideas in fictional words means that the author must have had knowledge of some frontier of knowledge and reported it back to the rest of us. In today’s world, news of scientific and technological advances travels quickly, unencumbered by gaps in communication structure or a lack of undersea cable. Practically speaking, knowledge and discoveries move more quickly from the frontier to the lands laypeople inhabit than ever before. read more >>

Fiction: Vertical Leapland

In the last two weeks at Vertical Leapland, fifteen kids have broken a leg. Taylor’s boyfriend, Alejandro, shows her the security footage in the back office after work. read more >>

Poetry: #TED2016

I wear black leather.
Burberry biker jacket and black
biker boots, trimmed in blood red.
That’s what one wears to TED read more >>


I would leave this train seat

grow to giant size step through the marshes outside

The mud would not reach the first seam in my shoes read more >>

Fiction: Dear Siri, OMG I’m So Confused, Please Fix Apple Music

I signed up for the three months free student special on Apple Music, and it blows because you
actually have to know music, I mean it’s not like Spotify, no, Spotify’s all symbols, just choose
your mood, or Pandora, which is all thumbs up or thumbs down, where some algorithm creates
the station for you, Apple’s all words, just some uberorganized open library, and fuck an open
library, I don’t know anything about music, I need Siri to suggest shit to me, based on what I
already like read more >>