Current Newsstand Issue

In Fall 2016 Issue 3



  • “Stephen Hawking in Love” Poetry by Ralph Hamilton
  • “The Franklin Dilemma” Essay by Scott Hughes
  • “Kitchen Selfie” Poetry by Priscilla Frake
  • “Discourse on Geometry” Poetry by Priscilla Frake
  • “Cellpose” Poetry by Paul Many
  • “Available on my Computer” Poetry by Sarah Brown Weitzman
  • “American Fog” A short story by Travis Fried
  • “Formulaic” Poetry by Michael Vander Does
  • “Blog” Poetry by Victoria Korth
  • “” Short Story by Jane Hertenstein
  • “Eightbit” Short Story by Haley Lynn Jo
  • “Download” & “Connected” Artwork by Morgaine Adkin
  • “Black Wave Crash” Artwork by Eyal Gever
  • “Connect” Artwork by Kasey McMahon
  • “Pinwheel” Artwork by Judy Rifka
  • “Literary Analysis: Frankenstein’s Monster vs Robocop How Biological and Mechanical Technologies Affect Story” Essay by Alyssa Watson
  • “Connective Photography and Digital Memory: The Future of the Past” Essay by Sonja Solomun