Exploding Pyrex

Dear Readers: Today I’m compelled to depart from Roger the Retro Chef’s usual Wednesday feature, “A Wok on the Wild Side,” to issue a shattering warning! Put DOWN your Velveeta on toast points and remove the Maraschino cherries from the Manhattan in your amber rock tumbler lest you choke when I tell you that the Pyrex pan in which you plan to cook the Sour Cream Tuna Noodle Bake from Sunday’s “Comfort Cuisine” column might explode in your oven… read more >>

Who Asked

They stood against the labor and delivery room wall, two men in their mid-thirties. Donald and Matt could have been twins, same above-average height, same dark “faux-hawk” haircut, and the same buff build… read more >>

Museum of Writing Machines

For a while I experimented with various modes of communication: letters cut from magazines and newspapers and glued to stationary, stationary I sent to our local newspaper. My early literary efforts met with lavish praise and one rather embarrassing visit from the police… read more >>

The Revisionist

The first thing he says when he gets up in the morning is, “I revived you.” As if he is talking to someone pulled from a lake minutes before. But what he means is: He has revised me. Top to bottom. Beginning to end. Past to present. Turned me inside and out so many times I barely resemble my former self… read more >>