A Flat Note

I adjust my spaghetti straps and glance at the mini bar inside room 206. Colored, skinny bottles like manicured fingers. From the window, I glance at the afternoon sun dulled to gory clouds with rain on their backs… read more >>

Risa Eldengrah and the BT.com Adventure

Sullen and sarcastic, mean and maybe a little spiteful, Risa Eldengrah’s legend around
here. Risa’s black, which means storytellers must describe her skin in terms of food… read more >>

Not Myself Anymore

I swear he keeps looking at my wife. More and more since they invaded our life a year and a half ago. It’s wrecking me. Seriously twisting my perception. Agent 2704-E… read more >>

The Art of Self-Improvement

Tomorrow, your skin will be a little clearer and your thighs a little slimmer. You will speak up but not put your foot in your mouth. Your vocabulary will be more extensive, and you will begin learning a new language… read more >>