Not Myself Anymore

I swear he keeps looking at my wife. More and more since they invaded our life a year and a half ago. It’s wrecking me. Seriously twisting my perception. Agent 2704-E… read more >>

The Art of Self-Improvement

Tomorrow, your skin will be a little clearer and your thighs a little slimmer. You will speak up but not put your foot in your mouth. Your vocabulary will be more extensive, and you will begin learning a new language… read more >>

Why Burden a Baby with a Body?

In her dream, Hiromi heard the screaming. Terrifying, high-pitched screams that felt, at one moment, as if they were right beside her, but then when she reached in front of her—with her hands grasping at the empty air—they were impossibly far away, like at the bottom of a deep well… read more >>

The Fact Vendor

He was a fat little man named Mr. Hoyt who signed a lease on an empty retail space in a strip mall in the village of Oakdale, three miles outside of St. Paul, Minnesota, and then retired to wait in a comfortable country house… read more >>