Who Asked

They stood against the labor and delivery room wall, two men in their mid-thirties. Donald and Matt could have been twins, same above-average height, same dark “faux-hawk” haircut, and the same buff build… read more >>

A History Of Watching Movies At Home

House-sitting for your dad over winter break, we encounter our first VCR. No video stores exist yet. We watch all the movies stacked beside the TV in the spare bedroom (mostly Hitchcock). Then one night we trek across the fog-and-shadows campus to many-corridored Dwinelle Hall (home of film studies as well as classics, drama, rhetoric, linguistics, history and comparative literature)… read more >>

An Advanced Human Being

Losing an internal debate, I had to drive my 71-year-old keister from North Carolina to Oregon in 2012 to spend Christmas with the remainder of my family… read more >>