Portrait of an Inner Life

Artist Statement

My poetry films although abstract have a documentary feel about them and give a strong sense of time and place. The films create an emotive feeling in the viewer through the visual images, text, and the music.” ~ Diana Taylor



Poetry film based on John Gosslee’s “Portrait of an Inner Life”.



Diana Taylor has been working with Bristol Poets making poetry films since 2009  and  her films have been shown  in major venues in and around Bristol including the Watershed, the Arnolfini, Colston Hall MShed, the Harbour Festival, and the BBC Big Screen.

Diana’s poetry films have also been selected for the Portabello Film Festival-London, The Zebra  International Poetry Festival-Berlin, Annual Programme Without Frontiers -Barcelona, Hansel and Gretal-Nationwide, Film Festival-UK, Liberated Words Poetry Film Festival-Bristol, Visible Verse  Poetry Film Festival-Vancover, Sadho International Poetry Film, Festival New Delhi, Athens International Poetry Film Festival, Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festial-USA, Shortlisted for the Valentine Award, the Kiev International Poetry Film Festival, Attica Publishing-USA, May 2016 Highlight Cheltenham Poetry Festival, 40 mins of poetry films by Diana Taylor with a meet the director  session, Old Vic Theatre Bristol Poetry Films event for 250th  anniversary.

Diana has  a  poetry YouTube channel Taylor9ization and a Diana Taylor Poetry Shorts Facebook Page.

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