John Holcroft: Digital Illustrations

Artist’s Statement

The main question I get asked is: What inspires your work? I tell them that the work you see on my site is either commissioned illustration work that is done to a brief, or my work can be self-promotional, done to attract new clients. The subject matters are what people are most interested in and it’s usually the work I do for self-promotion that allows me the freedom to create whatever is on my mind. Usually the subject matter is something political or based on society, only because there are rich pickings in these fields and they lend themselves well to satire. I don’t want to typecast my style and just do this kind of work, so I try do vary my work and not just pigeon hole myself to political concepts. Sometimes I like doing heartwarming work that makes you smile. Fundamentally, I just want to make you think.

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John Holcroft is an illustrator based in England. Graduating in the 90s he started going freelance, working in acrylics on board. Since then he has reinvented himself many times. Currently he works digitally but emulates a screen print style, rather like 1950s poster ads. Working digitally is much quicker than in the traditional way plus it allows him to make alterations and send work via email.

John has widened his repertoire in order to appeal to different markets such as publishing, editorial, advertising and design. His success is due to the various ways in which his style can be used whether it be for a child’s simplistic book illustration or a more edgy image to illustrate a more serious subject. For those who are familiar with the name ‘John Holcroft’, you will be aware of the cutting, satirical messages in his concepts, however this is just one side to his work.

Over the past 20 years John Holcroft has worked with some of the biggest names: Financial Times, BBC, Reader’s Digest, Economist, New York Times, Informa, Experien to name a few.

John was first influenced by the artist David Cutter, who has recently retired. David Cutter worked with oils on canvas that had a realism, quirkiness and emotion to it. John found this exciting and started injecting that same feeling into his own work at an early stage. John Holcroft also found the work of Ian Pollock, Ralf Steadman, Paul Slater and Rachel Gosing very influencing.

John Holcroft lives with his family in a house by a lake in Yorkshire. His day mainly consists of running his kids to school then going to his top floor studio where he’ll spend most of the day working at his desk. When he has nothing to work on, he will use his time to create his own self-promotional work. This time allows him to experiment and try out new techniques.

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