Vertical Leapland

In the last two weeks at Vertical Leapland, fifteen kids have broken a leg. Taylor’s boyfriend, Alejandro, shows her the security footage in the back office after work. read more >>

A Social Media Biography of a Spree Killer, Part 1

Like 28% of young adults (18-29) in the United States, Elliot Rodger created videos and posted them to the Internet. He recorded himself driving around in his BMW, walking around public places, and giving monologues on life, particularly his dissatisfaction with women. Unlike most young adults, he posted a video that outlined his plans for a killing spree. The videos are part of his social media autobiography, an enduring digital artifact of a life many would like to forget… read more >>

The Fact Vendor

He was a fat little man named Mr. Hoyt who signed a lease on an empty retail space in a strip mall in the village of Oakdale, three miles outside of St. Paul, Minnesota, and then retired to wait in a comfortable country house… read more >>