Contest: 2016 Poetry Film Contest Winner and Finalists

Saebom Kim
“The artwork is an invitation, a compelling silent film that draws parallels with the haiku form. Using visual images as its vocabulary, this understated and powerful film demonstrates the power of simplicity in evoking emotion and plural meanings.” ~ Zata read more >>

Art: My Visit to a VR Art Gallery in the Cloud

screen640x640 (1)

Artist Gretchen Andrew has taken her classical talents into the modern world. Her oil paintings are on display in West Hollywood California’s Design District, but long after the exhibition closes fans can still visit her work through the magic of virtual reality… read more >>

Essay: A Social Media Biography of a Spree Killer, Part 1

Like 28% of young adults (18-29) in the United States, Elliot Rodger created videos and posted them to the Internet. He recorded himself driving around in his BMW, walking around public places, and giving monologues on life, particularly his dissatisfaction with women. Unlike most young adults, he posted a video that outlined his plans for a killing spree. The videos are part of his social media autobiography, an enduring digital artifact of a life many would like to forget… read more >>

Fiction: Exploding Pyrex

Dear Readers: Today I’m compelled to depart from Roger the Retro Chef’s usual Wednesday feature, “A Wok on the Wild Side,” to issue a shattering warning! Put DOWN your Velveeta on toast points and remove the Maraschino cherries from the Manhattan in your amber rock tumbler lest you choke when I tell you that the Pyrex pan in which you plan to cook the Sour Cream Tuna Noodle Bake from Sunday’s “Comfort Cuisine” column might explode in your oven… read more >>

Poetry: Smart Phone

No games, please.
So much to purge already.

On the home screen… read more >>

Poetry: I Know Now

Silence is the safest way to invite a problem,
bite the moment back.

My muscles are focused forward across
unfamiliar acres, worn out by desire… read more >>

Poetry: The Poem of the Future

The poem of the future will be smaller.
It will fit in the palm of your hand,
on your wrist, in your ear… read more >>

Creative Nonfiction: Who Asked

They stood against the labor and delivery room wall, two men in their mid-thirties. Donald and Matt could have been twins, same above-average height, same dark “faux-hawk” haircut, and the same buff build… read more >>

News: Judging for the 2016 Poetry Film Contest is Underway…

We received a large number of quality submissions for our 2016 Poetry Film Contest and are hard at work viewing your films. We expect to select a winner and finalists by end of July–the week of the 25th. Thank you.

Art: Brain on Music Series

Brain on Music II

“Essentially, I am painting with a mouse instead of a brush, combining technology and artistic gestalt…” read more >>