Technology: On the Internet Nobody Knows You’re a Dog: The Future of Creative Interspecies Communication


The idea of a human and computer having a conversation is no longer a new one. You may have heard how Microsoft’s A.I chat-bot “Tay” was taken offline this month for its offensive responses while chatting with users on social media sites. Even the notion that computers can create forms of expression similar to people is becoming a reality… read more >>

Art: Brain on Music Series

Brain on Music II

“Essentially, I am painting with a mouse instead of a brush, combining technology and artistic gestalt…” read more >>

Poetry: Nocturnal Highway

A Christmas tree of brake lights

Stretches on ahead of us,

Like red diamonds twinkling

In a warm-colored twilight… read more >>

Prose: Museum of Writing Machines

For a while I experimented with various modes of communication: letters cut from magazines and newspapers and glued to stationary, stationary I sent to our local newspaper. My early literary efforts met with lavish praise and one rather embarrassing visit from the police… read more >>

Prose: The Revisionist

The first thing he says when he gets up in the morning is, “I revived you.” As if he is talking to someone pulled from a lake minutes before. But what he means is: He has revised me. Top to bottom. Beginning to end. Past to present. Turned me inside and out so many times I barely resemble my former self… read more >>

Poetry: In Captivity

The receptionist alternates placing the lobby big-screen TV on different animal cams to calm the nerves of the over-caffeinated office. She got her degree in biology, spending a year in the Amazon studying how to dodge her professor’s advances… read more >>

Prose: A Flat Note

I adjust my spaghetti straps and glance at the mini bar inside room 206. Colored, skinny bottles like manicured fingers. From the window, I glance at the afternoon sun dulled to gory clouds with rain on their backs… read more >>

Poetry: Machine Language

As I codify wishes, square roots of knowing,

Branch free will, tasks, space-time: I couldn’t

Cancel brain-heart interactions, reality and

Dream. I internalize bird glide for your cadences… read more >>

Prose: A History Of Watching Movies At Home

House-sitting for your dad over winter break, we encounter our first VCR. No video stores exist yet. We watch all the movies stacked beside the TV in the spare bedroom (mostly Hitchcock). Then one night we trek across the fog-and-shadows campus to many-corridored Dwinelle Hall (home of film studies as well as classics, drama, rhetoric, linguistics, history and comparative literature)… read more >>