Fiction: Dear Siri, OMG I’m So Confused, Please Fix Apple Music

I signed up for the three months free student special on Apple Music, and it blows because you
actually have to know music, I mean it’s not like Spotify, no, Spotify’s all symbols, just choose
your mood, or Pandora, which is all thumbs up or thumbs down, where some algorithm creates
the station for you, Apple’s all words, just some uberorganized open library, and fuck an open
library, I don’t know anything about music, I need Siri to suggest shit to me, based on what I
already like read more >>

News: Our Fall 2016 print issue is out!


Our fantastic new issue features stunning artwork by Eyal Gever, Kasey McMahon, Judy Rifka, and Morgaine Adkin, prose and poetry by Ralph Hamilton, Scott Hughes, Jane Hertenstein, Sarah Brown Weitzman… read more >>

Art: Portrait of an Inner Life


“My poetry films although abstract have a documentary feel about them and give a strong sense of time and place. The films create an emotive feeling in the viewer through the visual images, text, and the music.” read more >>

Poetry: Lab

Down in a gully beside the house, a pine crate
had been set on concrete blocks and painted green… read more >>

Creative Nonfiction: The Pig Inspector of Titov Veles

After a year and a half of travel through Europe and North Africa, my money was gone by the time I got to Athens, Greece, in 1973… read more >>

Poetry: The Wounds of Exile

She was bleeding before

I cut myself away.

My leaving merely

bloomed new wounds… read more >>

Contest: 2016 Poetry Film Contest Winner and Finalists

Saebom Kim
“The artwork is an invitation, a compelling silent film that draws parallels with the haiku form. Using visual images as its vocabulary, this understated and powerful film demonstrates the power of simplicity in evoking emotion and plural meanings.” ~ Zata read more >>